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Acupressure sometimes referred to as Asian bodywork therapy (ABT) is a Traditional Chinese Medicine which involves applying pressure on specific points of the body called 'acupoints' to reduce related symptoms and improves overall wellness. Acupressure is an effective alternate healing method similar to acupuncture. While Acupuncture use needles to stimulate the pressure points, Acupressure use hands-on bodywork therapy by pressing / massaging. Acupressure may be used in combination with Reflexology which stimulate healing response on hands and feet with massaging. The integration of Reflexology and Acupressure therapy creates a more effective result.

According to the Chinese medicine theory, human body has numerous acupressure meridian points where vital energy flows. Sometimes, due to mental and physical discomfort, pain, tension or stress, the energy flow may get blocked, which results in sickness. Acupressure therapy can treat sickness by removing the energy blocks and balancing the energy flow in the body by applying pressure on the specific points of the body, related to the cause of the disease.

Acupressure massage therapy is performed by a trained practitioner/acupressurist. Acupressurists study about the nervous system of the body and help patients to overcome pain and disease by pressing the body's meridian points or energy pathways, using their fingers, palm, elbow, feet or some other special devices. A skilled Acupressurist can integrate many complementary health care techniques and therapies into a complete treatment regimen. They first take full details of patient's health and symptoms, locates and identifies the relevant points that block energy. Once the points are located, they apply physical pressure on them. The pressure given on the points stimulate the related organs of the body and prevent diseases and maintain good health. Acupressure also involves the application of magnets and colors, on specific points in the hands.


Duration: 3 Months.

How will this course be taught?This module will use a variety of teaching and learning strategies. The module’s content will be delivered through seminar sessions, practicals, workshops, directed, and self-directed study.

Seminars - 25 Hours

Guided Physiotherapist Learning – 25 hours

Self-guided Physiotherapist Learning – 50 hours

Hands-on Workshops - 25  Hours.

Total Learning – 125 hoursYou'll also learn about: 125 Hours.

You’ll find the best — and safest — medications to halt pain. You’ll explore emerging outpatient surgical options. And you’ll be briefed on a dozen simple, smart, back-healthy habits that are easy to follow.

This dynamic new course is comprehensive and specific. It provides the essential and important facts on both common and rare back conditions and presents articulate and definitive instruction for addressing each one appropriately and effectively.

Certificate in Clinical Acupressure

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