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We are committed to high-quality health care and education. All units work for a common goal that is “To prevent, to heal, and to enlighten “.

We are dedicated to provide quality, personalized & honest care. Excellence & Honesty is our main motto. We believe healing takes place faster & completely from the inside using an integrated approach of soul, mind & body.

That’s why we have integrated physiotherapy with an alternative approach to getting a cure completely.

We believe in our faculties, physician, physiotherapists, health professionals, patients & their loved ones.

Students as our assets, we groom them to sustain failures as we say “right education is one which prepares you to sustain failure not only to succeed.” We offer a work environment of mutual respect, autonomy, & partnership inspiring true collaborative teamwork.


  • To provide quality, personalized & honest care to heal completely.

  • To ensure that health education and wellness are the needs of society are met, in the midst of rapid changes in technology.

  • To use an integrated approach of soul, mind & body which enhances our patient-internal & total healing.

  • To impact customized educational and wellness programming resulting in positive growth that will improve our professionals and personal lives.

  • To provide a positive, interesting, comfortable, and learning environment during our teaching, seminars & working.

  • To center the individual, society, families & nation as a whole by improving the standard of health care & education.


 We visualize and analyze our actions as

  1. Pt. centered care

  2. Excellence

  3. Innovation

  4. Cooperation

  5. Diversity

  6. Caring

  7. Value

  8. Scholarship

  9. Integrity


  • Reintegrating individuals into their community to the maximum extent possible.

  • Treating all people with dignity & respect.

  • Reducing barriers in an effort to increase accessibility to our services & program.

  • Advocating for appropriate treatment for individuals with injuries & diseases.

  • Integrating community resources into the rehabilitation process where appropriate.

  • Maintaining open lines of communication.

  • Understanding & respecting our clients, staff & other consumers.

  • Conducting programs services & business practices with the lightest level of integrity& honesty.

  • Providing cost-effective services & programs. Complying with appropriate laws & regulatory agencies.


We are working hard under the guidance of Prof.DR. Sanjiv K .Jha founder and Director of C.C.D.R. 

MPT, CMT[Australia),M.Th [Germany],Ph.D [U.S.A],

Dr. Sanjiv K Jha is having extensive 25 Years of Teaching / Clinical Experience and currently working as principal and professor Physiotherapy RDGMC and VIKRAM UNIVERSITY UJJAIN. and is also Director of CCDR at INDORE (MP) India

He got certifications from Curtin University Australia, Orthopedic Medicine International (Belgium), McKenzie Institute (USA), He has organized and taught in more than 350 workshops,cmes, and conferences in manual and sports physiotherapy, including the 1st World Congress on spine care. He has presented several research papers at various Conferences And guided many research projects.

He has treated more than 25000 cases and taught more than 1500 physiotherapists all across India and abroad. These courses are well received by physiotherapists who have a wide range of backgrounds and manual therapy experience.

He is nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in the field of physical therapy and a great entrepreneur from whom we drive our inspiration .

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