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Course Categories

These courses will be certified also by University , so University Certification will give the participants extra benefits and recognition all over.


It covers skills and techniques, theoretical concepts, clinical reasoning, and the evolving body of knowledge from current evidence. with an aim to give advanced level Concepts and Skills to Qualified Physiotherapists Across the Globe with International Exposure and Excellent Clinical Skills.


Duration: 6 Months.

How will this course be taught?

This module will use a variety of teaching and learning strategies. The module’s content will be delivered through seminar sessions, practicals, workshops, and directed, and self-directed study.

Seminars International – 25 hours

Seminars National -25 Hours

Guided Physiotherapist Learning – 50 hours

Self-guided Physiotherapist Learning – 100 hours

Hands-on Workshops International: 25 Hours.

Hands-on Workshops National; 25 Hours

Total Learning – 250 hours

You'll also learn about 250 Hours.

These courses are Workshops mostly in Hands-on Practical format which are designed for up-gradation of Clinical Skills.



These courses are in online format mainly aimed at skill up-gradation and as knowledge up-gradation refresher courses.

Doctor and Patient

The significance of this field in the present situation is something that can’t be evaluated or overlooked as there’s a persistent growth in the complications identified with humans and in different phases of the medical field. In case you’re thinking about perusing Career In Medical Field post 10th as a job opportunity choice, at that point this field is considered to be the most fulfilling profession for the ones who have enthusiasm in science and can deal with sick individuals with care. In the previous few years, the stream of medical studies and research has experienced an assortment of periods of development, and now it has turned out to be immense to the point that specializations within are truly in great demand with each passing day. 

So you can join these courses through on and offline course mode of 3 months with hands-on classes and examinations to pass the Certification.

The Introduction to  Fitness program offered by us will provide you with a sound knowledge of some of the key underpinning concepts within sport and fitness, including the organization of sports/fitness, the benefits of physical activity; fitness training principles; nutrition; and a range of contemporary issues. 

You’ll be able to apply your understanding to your own participation in sport or exercise, or to careers in the field – such as exercise instruction & sports coaching 

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