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The IAHEWORLD offers manual therapy courses in soft tissue work, joint mobilization and joint manipulation. All courses focus on hands-on lab instruction combined with clinical decision making for assessing impairment and the proper intervention. Anyone can read or what a video to learn a manual therapy technique, but critical decision making requires the added ability to answer questions related to when to use a manual technique, when not to, what direction, and for what purpose. Our course provide the hand-ons training and mentoring you need to become more effective with even the techniques you are lady know. These exceptional manual therapy courses have their foundation in the Norwegian school, but also integrate evidence and clinical practice from other major influencers in manual therapy and osteopathy. Improve your hands, mobilization and manipulation techniques and your patient outcomes.

Duration: 3 Months.

How will this course be taught?This module will use a variety of teaching and learning strategies. The module’s content will be delivered through seminar sessions, practicals, workshops, directed, and self-directed study.

Seminars - 25 Hours

Guided Physiotherapist Learning – 25 hours

Self-guided Physiotherapist Learning – 50 hours

Hands-on Workshops - 25  Hours.

Total Learning – 125 hoursYou'll also learn about: 125 Hours.

You’ll find the best — and safest — medications to halt pain. You’ll explore emerging outpatient surgical options. And you’ll be briefed on a dozen simple, smart, back-healthy habits that are easy to follow.

This dynamic new course is comprehensive and specific. It provides the essential and important facts on both common and rare back conditions and presents articulate and definitive instruction for addressing each one appropriately and effectively.

Certificate in basic manual therapy Concepts

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