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The evolution of advanced treatment methods and medical technologies has penetrated every domain of our healthcare sector. Some of the popular and yet relatively new medical technologies that have reshaped the medical industry are from Clinical Cosmetology field. Terms like Clinical Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine may seem completely new to us but these sciences have their roots in ancient Indian sciences of Vedic treatments. Cosmetic Cosmetology is the study and scientific application of cosmetic treatments  but is not limited to Lasers, Chemical Peels, Mesotherapy, Non-invasive Body Contouring and many other treatments. The general sentiment about Clinical Cosmetology is that it is expensive and affordable only for celebrities. However, today Clinical Cosmetology is not just for the classes but also for the masses, which reflects its tremendous potential

Certificate in Clinical Cosmetology

  • Duration 6 month  

    Qualification 10+2 (biology)

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