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Massage is a very powerful tool in assisting the body to balance itself. Through the skilful application of tools and techniques, knowledge of the human body, a relaxing environment, and taking the time to engage in explorative consultation, a therapist can provide a safe, effective massage that provides an exceptional boost to wellness. The Swedish Massage Certificate Course shows you how.

The course covers all the basic anatomy and physiology knowledge needed in order to understand how the body works and to tailor treatments to suit each client, including the form and function of the skin, musculature, skeletal and organ systems. You’ll be guided through the beneficial effects various massage techniques have on the body and how they are performed. Additionally, you’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of using oil, powder, lotions, creams, and balms in your massages, giving you an understanding of what works for particular clients.

Getting to know the client is an important step in ensuring the best treatment can be provided to them. The Swedish Massage Certificate Course takes you through what information is required before treatment can commence – exploring what a client wants to gain from the treatment and ensuring that you are aware of any contraindications or contra-actions they may have so that they can be advised accordingly or the treatment tailored appropriately. You’ll also learn about relevant legislation that affects a massage therapist, making sure that both the therapist and client know and understand the legal duties and rights of the therapist.

You will not just learn the theory but also the practical aspects of Swedish massage. You’ll be guided through a suggested massage routine that uses your newly-acquired knowledge and puts it to practical use. You’ll learn how to set up a therapy room and massage couch to ensure client comfort and make them feel instantly at ease as they walk through the door. The aftercare advice that is to be provided to clients is also covered, to ensure they are aware of any aftereffects they may experience and give them total confidence in the professionalism of the therapist.

Massage can place enormous strain on a therapist’s body, through the Swedish Massage certificate Course you will learn effective self-care techniques and hand exercises that will ensure a long and healthy career.

Certificate in Swedish Massage