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Food choices and physical activity have a great impact on an individual’s overall health and wellness. The Certificate in wellness coaching course will cover nutrition and physical fitness, which are the cornerstones of any wellness program. The introductory section will provide you basic concepts of health and wellness. In addition, the students will be taught basic anatomy and physiology of the human body, which is important to understand other aspects of health and disease management.

What you will learn in this level?

• Anatomy and functions of the various organs of the human body
• Dimensions of health and wellness
• Multi factorial causation of chronic diseases
• Environmental and occupational health
• Wellness program design and coaching
• Basic nutrition and wellness nutrition
• Nutrition assessment and counselling
• Concepts of physical fitness and exercises
• Fitness assessment and exercise prescription

Certificate in wellness management

  • Duration 6 month  

    Qualification 10+2 (biology)

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