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This comprehensive programme provides physiotherapists with intensive Exposure in:

1.Strengthening and conditioning for rehabilitation and injury prevention;

2 Evaluation and management of spinal and peripheral joints sports injuries.

3.Bio-mechanical evaluation of extremities and Lumbo-pelvic motor control.

4.Manual therapy including mobilisation with movement.

5.Clinical psychology in rehabilitation and performance.

6.Sports dietetics for performance and rehabilitation.

7.Sports Taping .

8.Muscle Energy Technique.

9.Myo-fascial Release.

10 Pilates.

11.Sports Massage

12.Sports Dry Needling and other related allied therapeutics.

Teaching, structure and assessment

This course runs through 6 months and is delivered through a combination of Online,face-to-face lectures, workshops and seminars. There’ll also be online learning tests which you’ll need to complete.


Sports physiotherapists need to be able to assess and treat sports and other injuries in field and outpatient settings. They need quick decision-making skills to triage injuries during events and need to be able to perform pre-season screening and develop injury prevention strategies for teams and individuals. When traveling with sports teams, the sports physiotherapist needs management, organization, and leadership skills. This program provides the essential knowledge, practical skills, and experience to be a sports physiotherapist

pain theory and science, assessment and management

advanced musculoskeletal examination and management

exercise and conditioning

advanced sports management.


Duration: 6 Months.

How will this course be taught?

This module will use a variety of teaching and learning strategies. The module’s content will be delivered through seminar sessions, practicals, workshops, directed, and self-directed study.

Seminars  - 50 Hours 

Guided Physiotherapist Learning – 50 hours

Self-guided Physiotherapist Learning – 100 hours

Hands-on Workshops - 50 Hours.

Total Learning – 250 hours

You'll also learn about: 250 Hours.

Fellowship in Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation FSPR (ONLINE)