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While there are multiple electrotherapy modalities that help to define electrotherapy itself, it is essentially a medical treatment that is used for pain relief and stimulation in musculoskeletal (soft tissue) injuries.

Some patients also undergo TENS treatment in particular to improve their daily movement and overall quality of life, perhaps alongside yoga or other gentle exercise methods. If you hold a group exercise instructor CPD or you're considering becoming a yoga instructor at some point, this may mean that electrotherapy treatment is something that you should learn about, should your clients be looking to improve their mobility.

In most cases, electrotherapy and physiotherapy treatments are used alongside each other to tackle these issues rather than being used as an explicit solution.

We know that the name makes it sound intimidating, but don’t panic. It’s definitely nowhere near as scary as historic ‘electrical treatments’ that make up electrotherapy history, which often involved a sharp shock or two!

While we won’t go into the details of these ‘shocking’ treatments, we’ll stick to those that truly paved the way to define electrotherapy as it is used today


Duration: 3 Months.

How will this course be taught?This module will use a variety of teaching and learning strategies. The module’s content will be delivered through seminar sessions, practicals, workshops, directed, and self-directed study.

Seminars - 25 Hours

Guided Physiotherapist Learning – 25 hours

Self-guided Physiotherapist Learning – 50 hours

Hands-on Workshops - 25  Hours.

Total Learning – 125 hoursYou'll also learn about: 125 Hours.

You’ll find the best — and safest — medications to halt pain. You’ll explore emerging outpatient surgical options. And you’ll be briefed on a dozen simple, smart, back-healthy habits that are easy to follow.

This dynamic new course is comprehensive and specific. It provides the essential and important facts on both common and rare back conditions and presents articulate and definitive instruction for addressing each one appropriately and effectively.

Introduction to Electrotherapy

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